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Hi, I am Peipei Wang, a Product Designer

I am a Product Designer @ Addepar. I design end to end product experience, from User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, to Front-end Development. I solve problems for people, and with people. I visualize experience with empathy and passion.


Empathize with User

My undergraduate education in Psychology allows me to build empathy with users, caring about what they behave, think, and feel.


Design in Practice

My graduate study in Human Computer Interaction Design allows me practice my design and collaboration skills in real projects. We worked with companies like eBay, Microsoft, to solve real problems.


Communication with

Empathy and Knowledge

During my professional experience, I have had the chance to work with Product Manager, Developer, Visual Designer, User Researcher, Marketing Manager... I believe communication with empathy and field knowledge makes smooth collaboration. My background in different fileds enables me to bridge the gap between UX Design, Business, and Technology. 

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