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Daily UI and motion design exploration both for fun and practice, tools used include Framer.js, Keynote, Adobe After Effects.


A movie randomizer concept which addresses the frustration that movie lovers cannot decide which movie to see. Favoring and deleting a movie helps that app better recommend for you.

animated with framer.js

Delivery Status

Lots of times people don't know exactly what's going on with their food delivery. By visualizing the food delivery process, and giving them the guaranteed delivery time, the experience can be more transparent and assuring.

animated with framer.js

Weather and Wear

Do people know what the degree number really means? By visualizing temperature with wearing recommendations, users can get a better idea of what to wear according to the temperature.

animated with framer.js

Password Requirements

How many times you created a password and get warned by the website that your password should "at least contain one number"? By visualizing password requirements and whether they have been met in real time, password creation becomes more transparent and less frustrating.

animated with Keynote

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