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Web design for company official site.

This is my freelance project for Yang Fan Academy Inc, an education company based in San Francisco. The aim was to redesign their official site with improved information architecture and visual communication.
I was mainly responsible for web design, branding, and communication with client.





Understand the Business and Our User


We met with the founder of Yang Fan Academy Inc., from which we knew about Yang Fan's current situation, its target user, the objectives of our work, as well as deliverables requirements. Yang Fan offers daily Chinese or Spanish learning to school-aged children from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade.  The main visitors of its official websites and course enrollment system are students' parents. And the goals of the redesign are: 


Effective Navigation: Allow users to efficiently find the right information.

User-friendly Interface: Simplify the text-heavy interface.

Improve Branding: Communicate Yang Fan's brand image through its website.






Identify Problems with Current Website


We reviewed current website design, identified areas for improvement.

  • Lack of Call to Action trigger: the main thing we want to direct users to do is to know about the programs Yang Fan offers, and register for it.

  • Poor information achitecture, the most important message - who we are, what we do, testimonials did not stand out, navigation are fragmented.

  • Design is not visually appealing.





Redesigned Homepage


Yang Fan Logo Redesign



Our client wanted a new look on the logo since the original one is outdated in look, and not eye-attracting. In charge of the visual design, I kept the elements of a sailing and a book, which matches the meaning of "Yang Fan" in Chinese. Different shades of blue were used to provide a clean and modern feel.




Thanks for watching!

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